About Mud Volcanoes of Baku

It is no secret that most of the most unique mud volcanoes in the world are located in Azerbaijan. More than 45% of all mud volcanoes are concentrated in our Azerbaijan, with most of them located on the Absheron Peninsula. By the number of mud volcanoes, Azerbaijan ranks first in the world. In Azerbaijan, there are about 350 of the 800 mud volcanoes. And mud volcanoes of Baku become one of the nominees in the contest “New wonders of nature.

First of all, we note that mud volcanoes of Baku are located far from settlements. Most of these territories are under protection, and people are strictly forbidden to enter there without special permission. Otherwise, everyone will face a heavy fine – for individuals, the amount is 400-600 manat, and for officials – from two to four thousand manats.

mud volanoes of baku


Dozens of mud volcanoes, mounds, just like a small volcano, which are given natural monument status, mud is boiling from the ponds formed on their hills, and mud flowing has created interesting formations on the skirts of the hills.

From the year 1810 to the present, out of 50 volcanoes, approximately 200 eruptions occurred in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The eruption of mud volcanoes is accompanied by strong explosions and an underground drone. Gases come out from deep layers of the earth and immediately ignite. The flame height above the volcano reaches 1000 meters (Garasu volcano). Volcano Tuorogai from 1841 to 1950 erupted 6 times. There is an opinion that the first eruption of mud volcanoes in Azerbaijan occurred 25 million years ago. Mud volcanoes by origin are associated with oil and gas fields. Rich mud gas and condensate deposits have been discovered in mud volcanoes.

mud volcano eruption in baku

How to get mud volcanoes of Baku

The nearest mud volcanoes are 1-hour drive from Baku and half an hour from Gobustan. It will cost about 20 AZN with a taxi from the city centre to nearby volcanoes. There is no proper road to volcanoes area. Old Soviet Lada taxis are providing 10 minutes transfer from the main road which will cost extra 5-10 AZN. From Azneft Square you can get bus No 125 to go Bina S/C. From Bina Bus no 195 goes to Gobustan. It’s tough to get there on your own its recommended to book a tour or get a private transfer.

Book group or private Gobustan & Absheron Tour to witness  Azerbaijan’s unique mud volcanoes of Baku

Gobustan and mud volcanoes are a half-day trip. In each of these sites, you will spend more than an hour, but you will get completely different emotions and feelings. And just less than an hour’s drive from Baku in a southerly direction!