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Full-Day Gobustan & Absheron Tour

Aziz Aliyev St, Baku, Azerbaijan
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7 hours

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Daily Tour

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English, Russian, Turkish


Discover Azerbaijan’s Rich History on the Full-Day Gobustan & Absheron Tour Special Gobustan tour is specially organized for tourists and visitors who are interested in the Stone Age period of humanity, Unesco’s World Heritage and the history of Zoroastrianism in Azerbaijan

Explore Azerbaijan’s Rich History on the Gobustan Tour:

The Full Day Gobustan & Absheron Tour is the perfect opportunity to explore the rich history and culture of Azerbaijan. Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is home to many historical sites and natural wonders, including the Gobustan National Park. This tour offers a comprehensive look at the best of what Azerbaijan has to offer, from its historic mosques and oil industry to its unique geological formations and cultural heritage.

Bibi Heybat Mosque: Your First Stop Your journey begins with a visit to the historic Bibi Heybat Mosque, one of the most important and well-preserved mosques in Azerbaijan. This mosque is a symbol of the country’s rich history and cultural heritage and provides a glimpse into the religious beliefs and traditions of the Azerbaijani people.

Explore the Birthplace of the Oil Industry Next, you will visit the birthplace of the world’s first industrialized oil. This site is not only significant to the history of Azerbaijan, but also to the world as a whole. Learn about the history of the oil industry and how it has shaped the country and the world.

Immerse Yourself in the Art “Archive” of Human Evolution at the Gobustan Museum of Petroglyphs

The Gobustan Museum of Petroglyphs is the next stop on your tour. This museum showcases prehistoric rock drawings, or petroglyphs, that provide a glimpse into the past and the evolution of humanity. The indoor and outdoor museums are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan.

Admire the Unique Geological Formations at the Mud Volcanoes

After visiting the museum, you will be taken to the famous Mud Volcanoes. With over 400 mud volcanoes located in the coastal area of Azerbaijan, you will be amazed by the unique geological formations. Learn about the geological processes that formed these wonders and admire the beauty of Azerbaijan’s diverse landscape.

Taste Delicious Azerbaijani Cuisine at a Traditional Restaurant Before visiting the Ateshgah Temple, a site of fire worship, you will have the opportunity to indulge in the delicious Azerbaijani cuisine at a traditional restaurant. Taste the local flavours and learn about the food culture of Azerbaijan.

Visit the Ateshgah Temple of Fire

Worshippers The Ateshgah Temple is a site of fire worship and a testament to the religious beliefs of the people of Azerbaijan. This temple is a unique and fascinating cultural heritage site that provides insight into the country’s rich history and cultural traditions.

See the Famous “Eternal Flame” at Yanardag

The tour concludes with a visit to Yanardag, one of the most popular tourist destinations known for its “eternal flame.” Admire the stunning landscapes of Azerbaijan and see the famous “eternal flame” that has made Yanardag a must-visit tourist destination.

Book Your Gobustan Tour Today

Book your Full Day Gobustan & Absheron Tour today and experience the rich history and culture of Azerbaijan. From historic mosques and oil industry sites to unique geological formations and cultural heritage sites, this tour offers a comprehensive look at the best of what Azerbaijan has to offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover Azerbaijan’s rich history and culture with the Gobustan tour.


  • Visit the UNESCO-listed Gobustan cave carvings
  • Enjoy lunch at a traditional Azerbaijani restaurant
  • Witness over 300 Mud volcanoes eruption
  • Get complimentary admission to all visited attractions


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A historic mosque is considered one of the most important in Azerbaijan. Admission is free

Oil wells
Oil wells

Pass by the birthplace of the oil industry and learn about its history.

Gobustan National Park
Gobustan National Park

Stop 60 minutes at Gobustan National Park. 2 museums will be covered. See prehistoric rock drawings and immerse yourself in the art "archive" of human evolution. + Admission included

Mud Volcanoes
Mud Volcanoes

Transportation will be changed to a Soviet SUV Lada (for private option) to reach the mud volcanoes. For the Group option guests will visit Volcanoes with the same Van they arrived. Admire the unique geological formations and learn about the geological processes that formed them. + Admission is included

Fire Temple
Fire Temple

After having a lunch break at Surakahni village Next Stop will be Ateshgah Fire Temple. Visit a site of fire worship and learn about the religious beliefs of the people of Azerbaijan. + Admission is included

Yanardagh (Burning Mountain)
Yanardagh (Burning Mountain)

The last stop for the tour is Yanar dag. See the famous "eternal flame" and admire the stunning landscapes of Azerbaijan. + Admission is included


  • Transfer with brand new SUW or minivan(Mercedes-Vito)
  • Guiding services
  • Museum tickets
  • Entrance Fees
  • Pick up and drop off (if the option is selected)
  • Lunch (optional 12$ per person)
  • Tips


Full day (7+ hours)

Tour's Location

Aziz Aliyev St, Baku, Azerbaijan


Where does the tour start?
- The tour starts at 9 am in front of the Double Gates of Old City Baku (Gosha Gala Gapisi). - We are also picking the guests from the Hotel or accommodation in Baku. We'll send You the pickup (meeting) time one day before the tour date through WhatsApp or email. Usually, the pickup from your accommodation is 30 minutes before the departure.
What type of a car will be during this tour?
Usually, we use Mercedes Viano minivan up to 6 people For the big groups, we use Mercedes Sprinter van up to 20 people
Is there much walking in this tour?
- Not much walking is involved in this tour, as we drive right to the activity points. Except at Gobustan National Park - We recommend our guests to take a private tour if there is a person with a wheelchair or baby stroller.
What is included in the Full day Gobustan & Absheron tour?
The tour includes visits to Bibi Heybat Mosque, Gobustan National Park, the Mud Volcanoes, Yanar Dag and Ateshgah. Transportation, entrance fees, and a local guide are also included.
Is there a minimum age requirement for the tour?
There is no specific age requirement for the tour
What should I bring on the tour?
You should bring comfortable walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. A camera is also recommended to capture the sights.
What is the best time of year to take the Gobustan tour?
The tour is available year-round, but the best time to visit depends on your preferences. Summer months can be hot, while winter months can be cold.
Is the Tour wheelchair accessible?
The Gobustan Tour may not be suitable for individuals with mobility issues as some of the attractions include uneven terrain and steep inclines.
Can I customize the Tour to fit my interests?
Customization of the Tour may be possible, depending on the tour operator and availability. It's best to contact the tour operator directly to discuss your specific needs and interests.
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