Do not miss to visit Ganja during your trip to Azerbaijan. Ganja is one of the oldest cities of the Caucasus and has been one of the most important cities in Azerbaijan for a long time. Ganja is an old city of Azerbaijan, founded in the fifth century. The name Ganja comes from the word “gan”, which means broad, abundant. “Dede Korkut Stories” will be an important reference source for those who want to learn about Ganja. Gence, whose name has changed many times over the years; During the Russian Empire, Elizavetpol (1804-1918) was named Gence between 1920 and 1935, and Kirovabad between 1935 and 1991. The city got its current name in 1989. It became the second largest city of the country after Azerbaijan gained independence in 1991.

When to Visit Ganja?

The best time to visit Ganja is between April and October. The hottest time of the year is the summer season. The temperature reaches the highest time in July, while the driest month is August. April and May are when most rain falls. January is quite cold. Coldness prevails until the end of March.

How to go to Ganja?

The city located 301 km from Baku.

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Among the places to visit Ganja, Shah Abbas Caravanserai, Juma (Friday) Mosque, Han Vineyard, Russian Orthodox Church, Caucasian Albanian Church, Central Museum, Bottle House, Javad Khan Tomb, Masjid of Tastes, Medieval Bath and Caravanserai and writer Nizami Gencevi mausoleum.