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Full day Guba & Khinalig Tour

Aziz Aliyev St, Baku, Azerbaijan

10 hours

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

12 people


Arabic, English, Russian, Turkish


Embark on an unforgettable journey with our Guba & Khinalig Tour, a captivating exploration that promises a tapestry of experiences in Azerbaijan’s Northern Region. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture, rich history, and diverse landscapes that define this extraordinary adventure.

This is a special Guba & Khinalig tour Departing from the bustling city of Baku at 9:00 AM. This enchanting adventure is a symphony of experiences, promising a day filled with cultural immersion, natural wonders, and the ancient charm of Khinalig village.

As the day begins, our comfortable transportation whisks you away from the vibrant cityscape of Baku. The first stop at the 5finger Mountain Bus Stop Market invites you to indulge in a leisurely break, sipping on tea or coffee amidst the lively local market ambience.

The journey then unfolds into the serene Qecresh Forest in Quba City, a verdant haven where lush greenery and tranquillity set the stage for a rejuvenating stroll. A visit to the Qudyalchay River and Canyon follows, allowing you to marvel at the rugged beauty of the canyon and the soothing flow of the river.

The Eagle Chest provides a captivating photo stop, where panoramic views of the mountains become the backdrop for your memories. Finally, we arrive at the pinnacle of the day – Khinalig village. Nestled among the peaks, Khinalig village offers a journey back in time, inviting you to explore ancient traditions and architectural wonders.

Throughout the tour, expect encounters with friendly locals, delicious food, and a diverse array of landscapes that showcase Azerbaijan’s rich tapestry. The day concludes with reflections on the experiences gained as we journey back to Baku at 7:00 PM.

Khinalig Tour: Explore the Rooftop of the Caucasus

Embark on a Khinalig Village Tour, traversing ancient pathways that wind through the heart of the Caucasus. As you ascend, the village unfolds like a hidden gem, revealing unparalleled views and the captivating spirit of a community that has withstood the test of time.

Khinalig Village isn’t just a destination; it’s a harmonious blend of natural beauty and human resilience. Surrounded by peaks and valleys, this high-altitude retreat beckons travelers to witness the coexistence of traditional values and the majestic landscapes that define the allure of Khinalig.

Join us for the Guba & Khinalig Tour, a meticulously crafted exploration that transcends the ordinary, promising a day of enchantment and cultural discovery in the heart of Azerbaijan’s Northern Region. Depart from Baku at 9:00 AM and let the adventure unfold.


  • Caucasian Foothills Exploration: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Northern Region. Marvel at the picturesque beauty of the Caucasian foothills, where every turn unveils a new masterpiece of nature.
  • Dramatic Canyons Experience: Witness the awe-inspiring grandeur of Azerbaijan's most dramatic canyons. Stand amidst rugged terrain and towering cliffs, capturing moments that define the majesty of the natural world.
  • Journey to Khinalig, the Highest Village: Venture high into the hills to discover the remote mountain village of Khinalig. Known as the highest inhabited village in the Caucasus, Khinalig offers a glimpse into ancient traditions and a mystical way of life.


9:00 AM - Departure from Baku
9:00 AM - Departure from Baku

11:30 AM - 5finger Mountain Bus Stop Market
11:30 AM - 5finger Mountain Bus Stop Market

1:00 PM - Qecresh Forest in Quba City
1:00 PM - Qecresh Forest in Quba City

2:30 PM - Qudyalchay River and Canyon
2:30 PM - Qudyalchay River and Canyon

3:30 PM - Eagle Chest Photo Stop
3:30 PM - Eagle Chest Photo Stop

4:00 PM - Arrival at Khinalig Village
4:00 PM - Arrival at Khinalig Village


  • Transportation (brand new SUV or Mercedes minivan for larger groups)
  • Guiding service
  • Entrance fees
  • Hotel pick up & drop off
  • Homemade lunch (12USD Per Person)

Tour's Location

Aziz Aliyev St, Baku, Azerbaijan

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